Cloud in a Jar Experiment

On Wednesday the 12th of June we did an experiment in our classroom, to learn about how the rain falls from the clouds. We did this because we are learning about the water cycle. The experiment was called ‘A Cloud in a Jar.’ The equipment we used was shaving cream, water, blue food dye and jars.

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First Miss. Welsh put water in the jars and then she put a lot of shaving cream on top of the water. On top of the shaving cream Miss. Welsh then put either a lot of food dye or a little bit of food dye. We had to watch and observe the blue food dye falling down into the jar of water. It looked like rain falling down from a cloud. Then we had to draw what it looked like before we put the blue food dye in, and after we put the blue food dye in. Some of the jars had a lot of rain which made it look like it was pouring and some had only a little bit. After we drew it we needed to write a few sentences about what we did.

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We all liked making clouds in a jar because it was fun and we learnt about the way rain falls from a cloud. Before we did this experiment we didn’t know about the way that rain came from the clouds.


3 thoughts on “Cloud in a Jar Experiment

  1. I really enjoyed the cloud made out of shaving cream and blue food dye it was suposed to look like it was raining from a cloud

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